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Combustion Catalyst

Innovative technology to support combustion of hydrocarbon fuels.

Total combustion improves efficiency and reduces exhaust emissions. More energy can be generated from a fuel unit, this applies to both power boilers and internal combustion engines. The technology of catalytic combustion support is used in commercial and thermal power engineering, cement plants, industrial boilers, ships, trucks and generators, reducing fuel consumption and reducing exhaust emissions.

Power Plant

Reducing fuel consumption and emissions, and thus increasing the efficiency of the boiler, is the main advantage of the technology, additionally maintaining the heating surfaces in good condition.

Cement Plant

Improvement of clinker quality parameters, reduction of fuel consumption, ease of installation and dosing, the possibility of using weaker fuel are the main advantages for cement plants.


Reducing the emission of particulate matter PM, carbon monoxide and reducing fuel consumption allows for the reduction of "smog" in cities and in ships, the disappearance of injector failures.

Project Management

Implementation of installations for dosing technologies of catalytic additives supporting the combustion of hydrocarbon fuels, project management and data analysis, optimization of combustion and exhaust gas cleaning processes.


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