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Economy, ecology, "smog" reduction!.


Reducing fuel consumption by up to 13% significantly improves the profitability of transport companies.


Lower fuel consumption and complete combustion have a decisive impact on exhaust emissions.


Reducing the emission of particulate matter PM and carbon monoxide CO reduces the effect of urban "smog" generated by transport.

Fuel savings

Tests conducted on five marine ships in real conditions showed an average reduction in fuel consumption by the main engine by 4.45%. Wear decreases both during maneuvers by 6.22% and, most importantly, during the marching of ships by 3.5%.

Lower Emission

Not only the reduction of fuel consumption, but also the operation of the catalytic converter has a huge impact on reducing the amount of particulate matter PM and carbon monoxide CO in the exhaust. The catalytic converter also contributes to the reduction of exhaust smoke.

"Smog" reduction

Particulate matter PM are particularly dangerous for human life, additionally, together with carbon monoxide and other harmful gases, they create "smog", which is particularly troublesome in cities. The use of catalytic additives for liquid fuels significantly reduces the emission of solid particles into the atmosphere.

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