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Clinker quality, fuel economy, synthesis zone increase!.

Clinker quality

First of all, an increase in the C3S parameter and decrease FCaO, Na2O and K2O significantly improves the quality of the final product.

Fuel economy

Recent studies at Cement Plants in 2022 have shown that catalytic additives reduce fuel consumption by between 6-12%.

Increase of temperature

The use of the catalyst allowed to increase the temperature in the synthesis zone in the range from 60C to 120C.

Increase Temp in Synthesis Zone

During implementations in 2022, using a new type of combustion catalysts, we achieved a temperature increase in the synthesis zone of 112-138 °C in the calciner. Earlier implementations also showed an increase in temperature, but in a slightly smaller range of 50-80 ° C, which is why we are very pleased that the development of our technologies is proceeding properly.

Fuel economy

Recent implementations of the new version of the combustion catalyst have brought very good results: Total Fuel saving kcal/kg clinker: 8.45% - 11.05%. However, the catalytic converter in its first version also showed a decrease in fuel consumption, but recent research surprised us a lot. We carried out the implementations in cement plants in Poland, Vietnam, Italy, Indonesia and Croatia.

Clinker quality

The use of catalytic additives during the combustion process has a positive effect on the change of parameters affecting clinker quality, such as C3S, FCaO, Na2O and K2O. However, the results obtained vary depending on the size of the cement kiln, the quantity and quality of the raw material input.

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